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Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group: Hello everyone, Welcome back today we are sharing Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group, Many people in India want to join Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group, and these days they dont the find the right WhatsApp group links to join, Today we are going to share the list of whatsapp group links you can join.

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If you face any issues while joining like the Whatsapp group being full or the WhatsApp link being deleted kindly let us know in the comment section we will have it removed, The most common issue people face is the whatsapp group being full and can’t join the groups, Dont worry, so, Only we have the list of whatsapp group links so, you can join any whatsapp group links which are not full.

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The term “Desi Aunty Group” typically refers to a social or messaging group consisting of women from the South Asian community, particularly those of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or Sri Lankan origin. These groups often comprise married or middle-aged women who come together to share advice, discuss family matters, exchange recipes, share cultural information, and engage in general socialization.

Desi Aunty Groups can exist both in physical communities, where members gather in person, or in virtual spaces like messaging apps or social media platforms. They provide a platform for women to connect with others who share similar cultural backgrounds and experiences. These groups allow Desi aunties to form a sense of community, seek support, and engage in conversations on various topics of interest to them.

In a Desi Aunty Group, members often discuss family dynamics, relationships, parenting advice, health and wellness tips, fashion and beauty trends, local events, and cultural traditions. They may also share anecdotes, jokes, and humorous content that resonates with their shared experiences.

Recipes and cooking tips are a popular aspect of these groups, with members exchanging traditional Desi recipes for various dishes, snacks, and desserts. This sharing of culinary knowledge allows aunties to showcase their expertise in traditional cooking methods and ingredients, and it fosters a sense of cultural preservation and appreciation.

Additionally, Desi Aunty Groups often provide a space for members to seek advice and support in navigating challenges related to immigration, adjusting to a new culture, or dealing with cultural conflicts within families. Members may share personal stories, offer guidance, and provide emotional support to one another.

It’s important to note that Desi Aunty Groups can vary in their structure and purpose. Some may be more focused on socializing and building connections, while others may have specific goals or interests, such as professional networking, entrepreneurship, or activism. The dynamics and activities within these groups are shaped by the interests and needs of their members.

Overall, Desi Aunty Groups serve as valuable spaces for Desi women to connect, share knowledge, and support one another in navigating various aspects of their lives within the context of their cultural heritage.

Rules and regulations to join Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group

Before you join the Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group you need to adhere to the group admin regulations to be part of these groups. if you don’t adhere to the Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group you will be removed without prior information. If you want to stay for a longer time do adhere to the Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group rules.

  • No Off-topic information in the group
  • Respect each and every member of the group
  • Don’t abuse any group members
  • sharing 18+ content is not allowed
  • The religious topic is not permitted in the group
  • No Promotional messages
  • No spamming allowed
  • Don’t share your personal information
  • Traveling groups can be shared
  • Link shorteners are not allowed

Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group

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Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group Links

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Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group Link

How can I join the WhatsApp groups?

  • You should be a WhatsApp user
  • Once you click on the group links
  • You will find the join option
  • Once you click on the Join Now
  • Will be part of the WhatsApp Group link

How to Create a WhatsApp group link?

  • Make sure you are a WhatsApp user
  • You will see 3 dots on the top right side
  • Click on New Group
  • Before you create a group you need to add one contact from your contact list
  • Mention the group Name
  • Your Group is created now
  • Now you can share it with whomever you want.

How to get a whatsapp group link without an admin

Requesting the Group Link from an Admin, The simplest and most straightforward method is to directly ask the admin of the WhatsApp group to provide you with the group link. Reach out to the admin via a personal chat or any other means of communication and politely request the group link. Many admins are willing to share the link with interested individuals.

How to share whatsapp group links without admin

  • Open the WhatsApp group you want to share.
  • Tap on the group name at the top to open the group info.
  • Scroll down and tap on the “Invite to Group via Link” option.
  • You will see two options: “Send link via WhatsApp” and “Copy link.” Choose the desired option.

Send link via WhatsApp: Select this option to share the group link directly through WhatsApp. Choose the contacts or groups you want to send the link to and tap the send button.

Copy link: If you choose this option, the link will be copied to your device’s clipboard. You can then paste it into other apps or platforms like social media, email, or messaging apps to share it with others.

How to Share a WhatsApp Group Link?

Now that you have generated the group link, it’s time to share it with others. Here are a few methods you can use:

Share via WhatsApp:

  • Tap on the “Send link via WhatsApp” option.
  • Select the contacts or groups you want to share the link with.
  • Tap on the send button, and the link will be shared with the selected recipients through WhatsApp.

Share via Other Apps:

  • If you choose the “Copy link” option, the link will be copied to your device’s clipboard.
  • Open any other messaging or social media app (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Email).
  • Paste the link in the chat or status update, and others can click on it to join the WhatsApp group.

How to join the Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group link?

For many people who are interested in joining WhatsApp but don’t know how to join the group, I will help you guys how to join the Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group. So you will not face any issues in joining the groups. If you are facing joining the WhatsApp girls link, You can comment in the comment section we will help you in getting it resolved.

  • Before joining any Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group, Make you decide which groups to join.
  • We have provided the list of girls links above you can select any of these WhatsApp groups to join.
  • Click the link mentioned below. Once you click on the link you will be redirected to the WhatsApp Official page.
  • You will find the group name and join Now option you can click on Join Now and you will be part of the Desi Aunty WhatsApp Group.
  • In a few of the groups, you will not be allowed to text, As they are restricted groups.
  • These Restricted groups are only managed by Admins, and they only share the content, Why because there are users who don’t follow the group’s rules. So, they have restricted others to text in the group.
  • Majorly you will find all open-to-text groups, Make sure you don’t spam the groups at the time of joining.
  • Different groups have their own terms of use, Kindly follow the steps of use.
  • If you need any kind of clarification you can reach out to Admin He / She will try to help you.
  • Once you click and join the group you can exit any time you want. Make sure you don’t do any changes in the group without admin permission.
  • This is the best way you can join any of the WhatsApp group links.
  • You might face errors in joining the group because there are multiple users who join the group daily. Many WhatsApp groups might be full.
  • Don’t worry so, only we have more than 1000+ WhatsApp group links that you can join.


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